Gilchrist County Has Great Outfitters! Let Them Shuttle You Up and Down the River!


Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures

Santa Fe River Park is your hub for water fun on the Santa Fe River

Open 7 Days a Week – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Last Shuttle/trip departure is at 3 p.m.

Anderson’s Outdoor Adventures offers full service canoe, kayak, tube, and paddle board rentals and transportation up and down the Scenic Santa Fe River. We offer drop off and pick up service ranging from 27 bridge to 129 bridge We have an outstanding 3.2 mile tubing trip for those who like to float the river for a couple of hours or a 4.8 miler for those who need more fun in the sun. If you like to fish then you need to come see us as this is one of the top rivers for anglers in the state. Come catch the Suwannee Bass!

The Santa Fe River provides an unique experience between 27 Bridge and 47 bridge as you can visit over 17 springs in one paddle. One of Florida’s top paddling river is one you don’t want to miss.

Daily Rentals
Canoes, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards

Up River Trips – We drive you up river to the following:

Rum Island Springs – 5 miles
Departure times
9am 10am 11am noon 1pm 2pm

Canoe/Tandem Kayak – $30
Single Kayak/ Paddle Board – $20

27 Bridge – 9 miles
Departure Times
9am 10am 11am Noon 1pm

Canoe/Tandem Kayak – $35
Single Kayak/Paddle Board – $25

Down River Trips – you paddle down we pick you up:
Tundeen Boat Ramp – 4.5 miles

launch anytime from 47 bridge between
Departure Times – 9am and 1 pm
call for pick up

Canoe/tandem Kayak – $30
Single Kayak/Paddle Board – $20

129 Boat Ramp – 13 Miles – 9am & 10 am only

Canoe/tandem Kayak – $50
Single Kayak/ Paddle Board – $35

Shuttle Service
Bring your own canoe, kayak, paddle board, or tube and we will give you a ride. No more need shuffle vehicles around and waste time. Get on the river right now and start having fun!

Run Island and 27 Bridge drop off –
$10 per single kayak/paddle board
$15 per canoe/tandem kayak

Tundeen pick up –
$10 per single kayak/paddle board
$15 per canoe/tandem kayak

129 Bridge Pick up –
$15 per single kayak/paddle board
$20 per canoe/tandem kayak

Tube Trip and Information
If you want to tube and you don’t want to wait in long lines then you need to come and tube the Santa Fe River. You can bring coolers with cold drinks and snacks on this river. We offer rentals and pick up service.

Santa Fe Park to Turner Boat Ramp
3.2 miles – approx. 3 to 3.5 hours

single tubes – $5
** more tube options coming soon

Pick up – $5 per person

Guided Tours – Daily
Come along on a fantastic paddle that explores over 12 springs in 9 miles. Our guides know where the springs are and have a wealth of knowledge about the nature and surrounding area along the Santa Fe River basin.

Please contact us for details and to make a reservation for your next excursion. Prices include rental, life jacket, and transportation from our outpost at 47 bridge to drop in point.

2-4 paddlers – $250 5-8 paddlers – $475 9-12 paddlers – $600 13-14 paddlers – $675

By Reservation Only. Please call (352) 507-0059 option 4.