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Gilchrist County Placement on State MapNestled in North Central Florida, Gilchrist County offers rural tranquility within proximity to the metropolitan areas of Gainesville and Jacksonville. The county covers 355 square miles. Gilchrist County is Florida’s newest county, created in 1925 and named after the state’s governor from 1909 to 1913, Albert W. Gilchrist. The county has a number of historic buildings. Bell is a small town that was named after a beauty contest winner. Trenton is the county seat. Fanning Springs was once the site of a military installation, Fort Fanning. The county was the home of farms and timber industries. The railroad (now long gone) came to Gilchrist County, and many stores and restaurants sprung up around it. Real estate in Gilchrist County has multiplied significantly in recent years. Gilchrist County home buyers appreciate the area’s small town feel and relaxed pace.

Gilchrist County is home to a number of natural springs, and is the “Springs Capital of the World”. There are many places for residents and visitors to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoe/kayaking, boating, fishing or just relaxing in a peaceful natural setting.